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The Museum of the Legione Allievi is located at the "M.O.V.C. Brig. A. De Falco - Fin. Sc. A. Sottile" barracks, in Viale Europa 97 in Bari.

The Museum is open to the public with the following times and methods:


  • duration of the visit, less than an hour;
  • it can be carried out, in principle, on WEDNESDAY (excluding holidays), in the time slot from 09.00 to 12.00, both individually and for groups / schools;
  • for internal organizational needs, reservations must be made at least seven days before the date scheduled for the visit;
  • response time by the staff in charge, within two days of receiving the request;
  • the museum area is fully accessible to the disabled and has no architectural barriers.


    Send the appropriate BOOKING FORM to the following addresses:


    - Pasquino.Gregorio@gdf.it;

    - Lombardi.Massimiliano@gdf.it;

    - BA0220043@gdf.it;