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The Italian Air Service Museum of Guardia di Finanza is placed inside Pratica di Mare Air Base (Rome), close to the seaside and the small town of Torvajanica.

The Museum is opened to the public on:

WEDNESDAYS and FRIDAYS from 09.00 to 12.30 A.M.

Closed on National holidays and during August

Booking is very simple and can be done by filling the form below.


Visitors must download the Form, fill in all its fields and return it to the Museum’s Office.

Due to security reasons, foreign visitors must send their form 30 days before their planned visit date, they will then receive a confirmation via email within 24 hours.

The visit will be held as described below:

  • Visitors are kindly requested to meet at the visitors' car park of Pratica di Mare Air Base at 09.00 hours, where it will be possible to leave their cars.
  • Visitors will have to bring their own ID (same as indicated in the form).
  • Visitors will be taken inside the Air Base and to the Museum grounds via shuttle bus, for a 3 hours’ visit. Toilets, disabled visitors' facilities and refreshments are available in situ.
  • The visit will end at 12.30 and the visitors will be accompanied outside the Air base via shuttle bus.


Telephone and useful information:

The Museum is located in Pomezia (Rome), on via Pratica Di Mare, 45, phone number 06-91919